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Getting & Providing Help

Although Ample SDK is one of the most simple JavaScript libraries there is always a chance you run into something you do not understand or something that functions not the way you would expect. Happy to announce - there is a living community around the project willing to help you out. See the directions below:

Mailing Lists

In order to post to a mailing lists you should be subscribed to the list. (Follow the link to join)

IRC Channels

We have two active IRC channels on FreeNode which are great places to get help on quick questions about using and developing Ample SDK.

Issue Tracker

We now use new Issues Tracker on GitHub as the primar resource. Feel free to report problems you have run into or request for new features there!


Feel free to browse and contribute to Ample SDK Wiki.


Ample SDK is an Open-Source project being developed in a joint effort of a team of people from different locations. The source-code is available from GitHub


Check out the fresh ideas for your Inspiration! If you feel challenged why not to join us?


Active contributors to the Ample SDK project are listed on the page Contributors.

Having fun!

Interested hearing or talking about Ample SDK and/or other client-side technologies? We are often going out for conferences around the world or joining minor local events in Europe. Check with the Events page to see what and when is close to you.

Ample SDK on Open-Source community web-sites

Check out Ample SDK project on Open-Source community web-sites. Join, vote, comment, write reviews and help us spread the good word!